Joy Reid Spews Hatred On Gov. DeSantis

Joy Reid took identity politics to a new level Tuesday on her barely watchable MSNBC program “The ReidOut.” The host aimed her normal attack at Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis, accusing him yet again of being a racist.

In her words, “if it ain’t White, it ain’t right in DeSantistan.”

The far left host raced through a long and tired series of complaints over actions and laws enacted by DeSantis and threw in some intended ones for good measure.

The governor, according to Reid, has vowed “to continue to use his power for political retribution.” She also leveled criticism at GOP members of the Florida legislature who she claimed are “set to pass a full slate of repressive laws” backed by DeSantis.

Reid laid out a laundry list of liberal complaints, most of which fall into the category of common sense ideas.

For example, she bemoaned that the Republican wants to prevent teachers from discussing gender identity with students from the third to the eighth grade. So far so good.

Pronoun usage will be limited in schools to the ones you were assigned at birth. Gender studies majors would have to go out of state, since that worthless degree would no longer be available at public universities.

And the controversial diversity, equity, and inclusion programs would be no more in Florida. Again, more common sense ideas that virtually any level-headed American will support.

Reid even went after DeSantis with the tired and thoroughly debunked accusation that he wants to strip First Amendment rights away from journalists.

This is hardly the MSNBC host’s first foray into sketchy commentary on the popular Florida governor. In January she made the false claim that teachers who displayed or handed disapproved books to students face up to five years in prison.

The Washington Post article Reid cited was soon corrected after a response from the Florida Department of Education.

If Reid were at least entertaining, her factually flawed rants against conservatives might be amusing. But she is not. Instead, the bitterness and hatred towards common sense and decency comes shining through daily, which explains why her show’s ratings lag far behind better alternatives.