Joy Behar Wants Gavin Newsom And Stacey Abrams To Run For The White House

These days, it’s become very much apparent that California Gov. Gavin Newsom is likely planning to run for president.

Newsom’s been going after popular Republican governors, such as Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R). Recently, Newsom pressed for a one-on-one debate against DeSantis. Before that, the California governor used the 4th of July to run ridiculous ads in Florida that targeted DeSantis.

Recently, an anonymous source confirmed the California governor will run for office if (or when) Joe Biden announces he won’t be a candidate in 2024.

In the wake of this revelation, the left-wing show known as The View had some thoughts on who Newsom should choose as his running mate.

The Worst Presidential Ticket Ever?
As one of the co-hosts of The View, radical leftist Joy Behar sang Newsom’s praises and expressed her opinion that he’s got a fair chance of being elected as president. However, the true kicker arrived when Behar declared Stacey Abrams of Georgia should join Newsom as his running mate.

According to Behar, Newsom and Abrams on a presidential ticket would be “great” for Democrats. The liberal co-host also claimed that she believes former President Trump will either be behind bars or in Russia to evade imprisonment here in America.

These comments from Behar aren’t that shocking, in all honesty. She’s notorious for being anti-Trump, anti-Republican, and very much in favor of the far left.

However, her statements about Newsom and Abrams being a formidable team in the 2024 presidential election shows a disturbing level of disconnect from reality.

Major Problems Facing Newsom and Abrams
In California, Newsom’s been able to skate by with terrible policies because the state’s Democratic voters outnumber Republicans nearly two to one. The same cannot be said for the nation at large, which is what Newsom will be facing if he tries to run for president.

Thus far, Newsom’s legacy in California is made of a broken electric grid, the loss of a US House seat due to mass departures of residents/businesses, and unscientific COVID-19 edicts.

On top of all this, Newsom, as a presidential candidate, would have to answer for the homelessness, drugs, and crime epidemics plaguing California on his watch.

Abrams, meanwhile, is running for governor of Georgia for a second time. Polls show that she’s likely to lose, just as she did in 2018.

Why anyone would view Newsom-Abrams 2024 as a winning presidential ticket boggles the mind.