Johnson Faces Conservative Pressure Over Biden’s Stance On Noncitizen Voting Bill

Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) is facing pressure from conservative groups to take stronger action after he highlighted President Joe Biden’s opposition to the Safeguard American Voter Eligibility Act (SAVE Act). The bill seeks to require proof of citizenship for voter registration and to remove noncitizens from voter rolls.

The White House contended that the bill is unnecessary, citing existing federal laws that already make it illegal for noncitizens to vote in federal elections. The statement emphasized that current safeguards are sufficient and that the bill would complicate voter registration for eligible Americans, potentially purging legitimate voters from the rolls.

Johnson criticized Biden’s stance, sharing the White House statement and expressing concern that the president would veto a bill intended to prevent noncitizen voting. Johnson further questioned why Democrats are opposed to ensuring that only American citizens vote in elections, suggesting that they want to allow illegal immigrants to vote.

Elon Musk, who now owns the social media platform X, echoed Johnson’s concerns, agreeing with Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton that Biden and the Democrats aim to permit illegal immigrants to vote in the upcoming election. Musk also criticized the use of mail-in ballots and electronic voting machines, advocating for paper ballots and in-person voting to prevent fraud.

This debate over the SAVE Act highlights the broader issues of election integrity and security, with conservatives pushing for stricter measures to ensure that only eligible citizens can vote in U.S. elections.