Joe Rogan Tells Americans To ‘Vote Republican’ In November

Podcaster Joe Rogan further infuriated the left with comments on Saturday urging Americans who are upset over being forced to shutter their businesses and stay home during the pandemic to “vote Republican.”

The comments were made during a three-hour episode that featured Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, who stirred controversy for declining to get vaccinated against COVID-19.

The pair had a grand time slamming politicians — most notably Democrats — who preached one thing and then did something else during the lockdowns. They also noted corporations that fell into lockstep with the idea that vaccinations were the only solution to the global pandemic.

As Rogan noted, the modern world has never experienced this type of thing, and mistakes were made. The “serious errors,” he said, should not be repeated.

Rodgers asked the host what people who lost their livelihoods during the forced lockdowns should do, and Rogan simply said “vote Republican.”

The Associated Press cites data that showed people across the country are doing exactly that. A study of voters in 43 states found that nearly 1.7 million have changed their party affiliation recently.

Of that total, over 1 million moved to the Republican Party and about 630,000 registered as Democrats. The AP data also showed that tens of thousands of suburban voters who helped propel Democrats in recent years are shifting to the Republican side.

At least part of the shift in the political spectrum can be placed at the feet of the draconian closures enforced by governments on all levels.

Particularly in Democratic-run cities and states, businesses had little choice but to lock their doors and close down.

A study released in April 2021 and reported in the Wall Street Journal showed that roughly 800,000 businesses permanently closed during the pandemic’s first year, which was 200,000 more than normal.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis proved that a state could remain open and still protect the vulnerable in a common-sense way. Of course, this was outside the dictation of the Democratic Party, so he was pummeled. Rogan, in his conversation with Aaron Rodgers, simply spoke the obvious truth.