Joe Manchin Just Got The “Last Laugh”

Despite being a Democrat himself, Sen. Joe Manchin is enemy number one of the Democrat Party. The political left is furious with the West Virginia senator for opposing Biden’s Build Back Better spending package and rejecting the radical agenda to take down the Senate filibuster.

Democrats, in their anti-Manchin vendetta, have been running with a narrative that asserts Manchin is somehow betraying his constituents by backing the filibuster and opposing the Build Back Better Act.

Of course, this feedback isn’t coming from anyone in West Virginia. It’s coming from DC progressives and Democrats in deep blue states like California and New York.

In January, though, Manchin went back to the West Virginia state legislature for a visit. The warm reception the moderate Democrat received has officially disproved all of the hard left’s talking points against him, as RedState confirms.

During Manchin’s time at the West Virginia Capitol, he spoke about his chances to talk with constituents about necessary steps to improve the state and America as a whole. Furthermore, a video of Manchin’s time at the state legislature shows that present members cheered on him.

Now, some anti-Manchin folks on the left have tried to write this off as just the “establishment” supporting the Democrat senator. However, a poll by Hot Air confirms what so many people have already known.

In West Virginia, 72% of residents favor Manchin’s refusal to vote for the Build Back Better Act. When Democrats claim that Manchin is somehow betraying his continents in West Virginia by opposing Biden’s spending bill, they forget West Virginia is a very red state.

That explains why Manchin is relatively moderate, despite having a (D) next to his name on paper. In fact, with the current direction of the Democrat Party, Manchin might be the only Democrat who could win an election in the state of West Virginia.

The verdict on Manchin’s conduct as a lawmaker is in. It’s also not what the mainstream Democrat Party expects or wants to believe.

Manchin isn’t answering to keyboard warriors on Twitter or self-avowed socialists like Bernie Sanders. Manchin is responsible for representing the people of West Virginia in the United States Senate, which is what he’s doing.

If Democrats were smart, they’d learn how to work with the moderates in their party, rather than trying to run them off or browbeat them into compliance.