Joe Manchin Could Be America’s Only Hope

The balance of power in the federal government remains in a very precarious state. A Democrat president has the White House. Meanwhile, Democrats control the House of Representatives slightly while evenly sharing the Senate with Republicans.

However, because the current vice president is a Democrat and can break any ties in the Senate, Democrats technically control this chamber.

With that being said, a few Democrats in the Senate have not gone off the deep end. Those Democrats would be Joe Manchin of West Virginia, Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona, and Jon Tester of Montana.

Of this trio, Manchin has been most outspoken in opposing some of the most insane proposals and legislation backed by his party. Now, PJ Media reports that Manchin could be the reason why Joe Biden’s Build Back Better Act does not make it to his desk for a signature.

In a nutshell, Manchin could save the country by declining to vote in favor of the Build Back Better Act. With every single Republican senator opposed to this radical piece of legislation, Manchin’s opposition as well would doom the bill.

Many signs are indicating that Manchin will either not vote for the Build Back Better Act, or he may demand that significant reductions in spending be made before agreeing to cast his vote.

After the House of Representatives passed the legislation, thereby sending it to the Senate, Manchin made it clear he was no cheerleader for it. The West Virginia Democrat vocalized concerns about Build Back Better’s ramifications on the economy regarding the bill’s massive price tag.

In September, Manchin also opined that his party needs to pause the spending bills. In an op-ed, the Democrat senator explained the liberal spending could impede America’s ability to respond to a series of potential crises, such as terrorist attacks, the worsening of COVID, another Great Recession, etc.

Manchin also stated months ago that pausing spending bills would allow the nation to get a deeper insight into inflation and its projected economic impacts.

Whether or not Manchin chooses to vote for the Build Back Better Act, demand the bill’s price tag be lowered, or not to vote for the legislation altogether remains to be seen. With that said, judging from Manchin’s past, the second and third scenarios are the likeliest.

Days ago, Manchin voted with Republicans to block Biden’s COVID vaccine mandates. The vote came after a statement where the West Virginia Democrat vowed to oppose medical mandates from the government.

Along with Manchin’s previous insistence upon Democrats cutting down spending in past legislation, indicates there may still be hope for this country after all.