Joe Manchin Continues Showing He ‘Won’t Be Bullied’ By The Radical Left

Although Sen. Joe Manchin is a Democrat, he is widely loathed by the Democrat Party and leftists. This loathing of Manchin from his side ultimately boils down to his rejection of extremism and refusal to vote for whatever his party says he should vote for.

Democrats have tried every way to make Manchin bend to their will. Yet, time and time again, Democrats come up short in this regard.

That ultimately has to do with the reality of the West Virginia lawmaker diligently representing his constituents. No matter how loudly progressives and DC Democrats scream, West Virginia residents don’t want to Build Back Better to become the law of the land. They also don’t want the filibuster yanked down.

Days ago, the West Virginia Democrat appeared on CNN with GOP Sen. Lisa Murkowski to discuss working across the aisle. As covered by RedState, Manchin’s remarks on the show have members of his party yet again fuming.

While speaking with CNN host Jake Tapper, Manchin reiterated that the Build Back Better is nonexistent. It is a point the senator has repeatedly maintained since December 2021. However, Democrats appear unwilling to accept this reality.

After confirming the irreversible demise of the Build Back Better Act, Manchin endorsed GOP Sen. Murkowski.

The West Virginia Democrat described Murkowski as a “dear friend” and stated her constituents in Alaska would do very well to continue representing them in the Senate.

Manchin didn’t just leave it at that, though. He noted the hypocrisy of working well with someone consistently and then throwing them to the wolves simply because they belong to a different party.

Finally, the West Virginia Democrat concluded his remarks by professing to be “an American first.”

If there’s one thing Manchin does by consistently speaking out in his chosen manner, it’s shining a light on the growing dissent against extreme leftism.

Most Americans aren’t on board with abolishing capitalism, dismantling law enforcement, opening private prisons, etc. Nevertheless, these are the policies that the mainstream political left embraces.

Democrats like Rep. Ocasio-Cortez appear to believe that honing in on their radicalism strongly enough will make the rest of America fall in line. However, all it’s going to do is prove how out of touch Democrats have become.