Joe Biden’s Chances In 2024 Are Looking Slimmer And Slimmer

Less than one quarter into his presidency, Joe Biden has set himself up to get annihilated in the 2024 presidential election. According to the White House and Biden himself, he plans to run for office.

What Biden plans to run on during his re-election campaign remains unknown. The 46th president already bears responsibility for a series of disasters that he’s chosen to pass the buck on. Inflation and the supply chain crisis are two examples of the worst impacts on Americans.

Things have gotten so bad for Biden that even his greatest defenders are starting to turn on him. Earlier this week, the left-wing New York Times ran an op-ed in which they implored Biden not to seek a second term and instead clear the way for another Democrat.

RedState reports that CNN and Vice President Kamala Harris are the latest ones to throw Biden to the dogs.

CNN appears to agree with the New York Times that Democrats would fare better if Biden doesn’t seek a second term. Recently, CNN commentator Chris Cillizza opined that in light of Biden’s national unpopularity and old age, more people are looking at other Democrats to step up in 2024.

According to Cillizza, Kamala Harris, Stacey Abrams, Elizabeth Warren, Pete Buttigieg, etc., are some Democrats who could win the nomination in 2024. Speaking of Harris, she and Biden appear to be on very different pages regarding the 2024 presidential election.

During a recent Wall Street Journal interview, the vice president alleged that she and Biden haven’t even discussed the 2024 race because they’re so currently preoccupied with “building back better.”

Ironically, this statement from Harris arrived as the White House once again confirmed this week that the 46th president intends to seek a second term. There have been rumors of discord between Biden and Harris; this latest contradiction between the vice president and the White House further feeds into these rumors.

The truth of the matter is that Biden has done such a terrible job as president thus far that just about any Republican could defeat him. It wouldn’t take much for a GOP candidate to lay out the laundry list of problematic behaviors and policies associated with Biden.

With the 46th president’s horrible approval ratings, Americans want to go in a different direction than Biden takes the country. Come 2024, whoever ends up being the Republican nominee can offer an alternative path that puts America and US’ interests first.