Joe Biden’s Border Crisis Brings About Unexpected Events

The reality of problems on the US-Mexico border is nothing to make light of or ignore like the Biden administration is doing. Right now, the president has created a situation where all kinds of criminals are making their way across the southern border.

Some of these people are smuggling drugs. Others are trafficking women and children. The southern border being in its current condition furthermore poses a national security crisis. With no natural system of vetting or order, terrorists could easily cross over and plan an attack against the United States.

Biden wants Americans to believe real concerns about what’s going on at the border are nothing more than right-wing talking points. However, the Next News Network has an update that firmly disproves the president’s flimsy narrative.

There is no denying Republicans and conservatives have some real concerns about the state of the US-Mexico border. However, Texas Democrat Ryan Guillen also voiced concerns about the situation.

Guillen’s issues with the border (and other problems facing America) are so concerning that he left the Democrat Party and became a Republican. During a Fox News interview, Guillen explained his frustrations with the situation happening at the border.

According to the Democrat-turned-Republican, both the chaos at the southern border and Democrats’ push to defund law enforcement went a bridge too far. Guillen is therefore done with the Democrats and will run to represent District 31 of Texas as a Republican.

Finally, Guillen made it clear the values of today’s Democrat Party are no longer in keeping with his values. The new Republican furthermore explained to Fox News that he believes Texans living in his district will share these views as well.

It’s no secret that radicals have entirely taken over the Democrat Party. When Joe Biden ran to be president in 2020, he branded himself as a moderate, middle-of-the-road Democrat.

Then, once the election ended and Biden got in, he immediately began pushing far-left mandates, policies, and executive orders.

Quite frankly, the few true moderates who remain in the Democrat Party are seeing this as off-putting. Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Sen. Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona are two prime examples of Democrats who have regularly found themselves at odds with their party.

Progressive Democrat voters also haven’t hesitated to harass Manchin and Sinema for failing to fall in line. Therefore, as the Democrat Party continues getting increasingly more radical and dangerous, there is the growing possibility of moderate Democrats jumping ship and joining the Republican Party.