Joe Biden Being Chastised For Alleged Violations Of Women’s Rights

We constantly hear the Democrat Party say they’re for women’s rights and the empowerment of women. Americans are also all too familiar with Democrats professing that conservatives hate women. 

As usual, however, the soundbites of the Democrat Party do not mesh with reality or even their actions. For instance, Biden and the Democrat Party do not give a blip about women adversely impacted by the communist and illegal COVID vaccine mandate being pushed at the federal level. 

All of this follows the pattern of all talk and no action from Democrats. However, in an interesting turn of events, Biden is actually under fire from female senators on both political sides for failing to put his money where his mouth is on women’s rights, according to TheBlaze.

This week, every single female senator wrote to the president regarding the treatment of women in Afghanistan. As we all know, Biden empowered terrorists and significantly set back Afghanistan womens’ rights by bungling his removal of U.S. troops. 

Biden’s haphazard removal engendered the rise of the Taliban, dealing a significant blow to women in the nation. Now, the 24 female senators here in America want some accountability from Biden. 

In their letter, these women call upon the president to put together a strategy to shield womens’ and girls’ rights in the Taliban. It entails fundamental human rights and female rights at political, social, and fiscal levels. 

The female senators also declared that Biden needs to figure out how he will work with other countries worldwide in holding the Taliban accountable for their treatment of women in Afghanistan. 

In this letter, the 24 lawmakers reminded that women and girls are being brutalized and denied their human rights as things currently stand in Afghanistan. Thus far, the president has not publicly responded or given any statements about this matter.

The letter from the 24 female senators includes both Republicans and Democrats. However, feminist groups across the United States have been largely silent about how Biden’s withdrawal impacts women in Afghanistan. 

If feminist groups are truly serious about fighting for women’s empowerment, they can’t ignore certain women’s plights when it’s convenient. Feminist groups must hold Biden accountable for how much his actions have hurt women and girls in Afghanistan. 

Time will tell whether or not Biden responds to this letter from the 24 women in the U.S. Senate. Time will also reveal whether feminist groups begin to press Biden and Democrats about the treatment of women in Afghanistan.