Joe Biden: The ‘Death Of Americans’ Killed In Afghanistan Was ‘Unavoidable’

When asked about Afghanistan’s current dilemma, foreign policy genius Joe Biden showed enormous anxiety. Despite his own administration’s clear admission that they told him not to withdraw in that fashion, he was delighted to lie about what transpired. Not content with that, he went on to say the deaths of the 13 Americans during the aborted evacuation were unavoidable. Isn’t he becoming worse and sicker? The president of the world’s most powerful nation has wrinkled skin, squinted eyes, and slurred speech. But I digress.

Consider President Joe Biden’s claim that he was “against” the Afghanistan War “from the start.” That is blatantly incorrect. The president authorized the use of force that launched the Afghan conflict. They try to discredit Biden’s repeated deceit by claiming he meant the 2009 surge rather than the original invasion, but he makes no such difference in the video above.

Aside from that, President Joe Biden’s assertion that no one else offered him a path out of Afghanistan to avert the humanitarian tragedy that ensued, including the deaths of 13 American service personnel, are also false statements. It was suggested by Gen. Kenneth McKenzie, who testified in the case, that he retained 2,500 troops in Afghanistan to preserve the stability of the country’s previous government. While Biden was evacuating Kabul, it was discovered that he turned down a Taliban offer to keep Kabul safe. In other words, the pullout could have been done in several various ways, as Biden mocked. No other choices were available, and the death of American citizens was a predetermined conclusion? It’s simply disgusting.

After all, the “leader of the free world” is used to this sort of thing. As stated at the beginning of this article, Biden is a coward. He’ll even spit on the graves of American military members if it means he won’t have to accept responsibility for anything. But since we don’t have a press that holds him accountable, he’s free to lie his way to the bank without fear of repercussions.

The president has no redeeming qualities, despite assertions to the contrary made even by those on the right (though this is no longer the case). A political wimp, he shows no remorse for the suffering and devastation he brings about with his actions. It’s horrifying to see at times, and this latest video serves as a perfect illustration of that.