Joe Biden is Not Happy About His Media Coverage

When Joe Biden ran for president back in 2020, he largely had the left-wing media on his side. Media outlets routinely presented then-candidate Biden in a positive light; they even helped bury the Hunter Biden laptop story that could have seriously derailed Joe Biden’s campaign.

However, when Biden got into office as president, he made it increasingly difficult for the media to keep spinning stories for him. The truth of the matter is this: as one crisis after the next materialized on Biden’s watch, eventually, the media was forced to begin covering it accordingly.

Now, the current president is complaining because the media coverage he receives today isn’t to his liking.

A Deep Dive into Biden’s Complaints About His Media Coverage
While flying on Air Force One this past Wednesday, the president didn’t hold back his thoughts. He went into the press room of the cabin before complaining that his administration isn’t getting positive coverage.

Apparently, the president believes that amid low poll numbers, inflation, baby formula shortages, strikingly high gas prices, and more, his administration should still be well-received.

Biden made these remarks off the record, taking many press members by surprise. He specifically aired his grievances about the media directing attention towards high turnover rates in the administration, along with his terrible poll numbers.

Later, the president went on to express his views that the media should focus on covering the greatness of jobs and the economy on his watch.

Considering the fact that wages are stagnant and the economy is predicted to face a recession soon, it will be difficult for even the most pro-Biden news outlets to put a positive spin on these stories.

The Truth About Biden’s Media Coverage
The president cannot realistically expect the media to give him glowing reviews when the country is going down in flames.

Biden and his officials continue to talk about the comeback of the US economy; yet, the economy actually wound up shrinking just last quarter.

Low consumer confidence levels and high inflation also don’t align with Biden’s narrative that the economy is doing well.

There is only so much the media can do to make Biden look good. If the president hadn’t embraced destructive spending bills, the economy wouldn’t be in such a dire position today.

The same principle applies to the southern border, crime rates, and other disasters that have appeared on this president’s watch. If Biden wants the media to cover him in a more favorable light, he should do a better job leading the country.