Joe Biden is Being Slammed For His “Armageddon” Remarks

Since Joe Biden got into the White House, his foreign policy approaches have left much to be desired. The president faced widespread criticism for the misguided way he chose to remove American troops from Afghanistan in 2021.

As a result of Biden not listening to feedback from his own advisers, 13 US troops died amid the evacuations. Meanwhile, the Taliban regained power in Afghanistan. Months later, Russia invaded Ukraine.

Biden’s failures in Afghanistan have been widely acknowledged as a likely factor in Russia’s choice to strike Ukraine. However, even after the invasion, Biden’s foreign policy behavior continues to send up red flags.

Some of the latest criticisms against the president deal with his talking points of “Armageddon” in relation to Russian President Putin potentially using nuclear weapons against Ukraine.

A Threat to America’s National Security
Former government official Fred Fleitz warned that for Biden to suggest America’s closer to “Armageddon” than we’ve been since the 1960s is not only reckless, but also a threat to national security.

During an interview with Newsmax, Fleitz expressed that Biden was more projecting his own fears, rather than sharing an accurate account of how escalations in the Ukraine war could impact the United States.

The former government official then explained that other countries are paying attention to what Biden says. The reality is that if Russia were to use nuclear weapons against Ukraine, it would be “horrible,” but it wouldn’t come close to the Cuban Missile Crisis that occurred during the 60s.

Nevertheless, by Biden openly showing how scared he is of Russia using nuclear weapons, Fleitz warned the president revealed his own inexperience in the foreign policy department.

The most likely scenario, were Putin to order nuclear weapons against Ukraine, wouldn’t entail a response from the US military. Instead, the former government official pointed out that Putin’s own generals would probably push back against him.

Additional Criticism From Foreign Policy Leaders
Fleitz is far from alone in criticizing the president’s latest rhetoric on the war in Ukraine.

Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo likewise slammed Biden’s “Armageddon” commentary as “reckless.” Even the president of France was overheard giving Biden a talking to about that particular statement.

In the meantime, this all goes to show how poorly America is doing on the world stage with Biden in charge.