America Is On Life Support Thanks To Joe Biden

At this point, it’s not an exaggeration to say the United States is facing some real problems. These problems ultimately stem from the leadership of the Biden administration. The issues stem from inept leadership in the White House threatening the entire nation and freedom as a whole. 

Time and time again, the White House under President Biden shows they are not working on behalf of America’s best interests. It was evident as early as January when the 46th president shut down the Keystone Pipeline.

Biden dealt a severe blow to energy independence and 11,000 jobs without so much as the blink of an eye. Democrats have continuously sought to portray Biden as a cheerful old man with moderate leftist politics. However, as PJ Media confirms, the leadership of the White House has the United States hanging on life support, in a very literal sense.

Between medical mandates, inflation, and a host of other fundamental issues, the country is fighting not to be forever lost. That’s not to say Republicans haven’t had any wins; last week, Virginia Governor-elect Glenn Youngkin won the state’s governor’s race. However, the win came by very slim margins. 

On top of that, multiple Republicans in the House and Senate have voted to advance Biden’s bogus infrastructure package where less than a fraction of the measures deal with America’s roads, bridges, etc. 

Let’s also not forget about the ongoing battles against COVID vaccine mandates in the United States. This fight remains persistent, and it will undoubtedly have to work its way through the courts as religious bodies, business groups, and conservative leaders initiate litigation. 

Let’s not forget. All of this is happening less than 12 months into Biden’s presidency. The nation has barely even begun countering the radical leftist tyranny coming from this White House and its allies.

The endgame of the Democrat Party is obvious. They want to remodel America into a socialist new world order where the government controls every aspect of people’s lives. 

Democrats don’t have any regard for freedom in the United States. That’s why they howl “my body, my choice” on abortion. Yet, at the same time, Democrats make it a point to completely disregard the choices of folks who do not wish to get the COVID jab.

The midterm elections are going to make a huge difference. They will essentially play a role in whether or not the Democrat Party succeeds in pulling the plug on America and dealing a final death blow to our freedoms.