Jen Psaki’s Lies Are Getting Beyond Ridiculous

Almost every day, White House press secretary Jen Psaki gets in front of the podium and insults the intellect of the American people. Psaki does this by lying virtually every time her lips move and having the audacity to expect people to take what she’s saying at face value.

It’s almost impossible to keep track of how many lies the White House press secretary has told. However, there are some standouts.

Psaki lied when she claimed that the 46th president’s dismal approval ratings boil down to people’s frustrations with COVID. However, Americans are frustrated with not finding necessary goods due to Biden’s supply chain crisis.

Americans are also frustrated about inflation. It is yet another area where the White House press secretary was dishonest. Psaki claimed that inflation would be transitory, yet merely the element of time has proven this to be false.

According to TheBlaze, one of the White House press secretary’s latest lies truly has Americans holding her feet to the fire.

During a Tuesday press conference, Psaki stood in the White House press room and duplicitously claimed that the rise of meat prices across the United States is due to corporations’ supposed “greed.”

Psaki declared that “corporate greed” (rather than her boss’ excessive government spending) is the culprit for Americans having to pay more for steak, turkey, bacon, and other meats.

It was very clearly an attempt by the White House press secretary to deflect blame from Biden. As many people pointed out on social media, the reality here is that Democrats are making everything more expensive by passing spending bills and running up the national deficit like it’s nothing.

The meat prices did not reach their current levels until Biden got in office and worsened inflation to the likes that haven’t been seen in nearly four decades. It is what Psaki should have admitted, instead of telling yet another lie.

The Biden Administration’s inability to speak candidly to the American public is genuine. It shows that this White House and Democrats who support it will say and do anything to avoid accountability.

Biden was warned that inflation would happen if he kept spending. Democrats in Congress who passed the president’s spending packages (which subsequently engendered inflation) were also alerted.

It’s time for all of these charlatans to be booted out of office. They do not have the country’s best interests at heart.