Jen Psaki’s Job Is Becoming “Incredibly Hard”

At this point, most Americans are familiar with White House press secretary Jen Psaki.

As the press secretary for the Biden Administration, Psaki has a job of conveying to the public the stances, thoughts, policies, etc., as it pertains to the White House. Of course, while Psaki is doing this, she’s also supposed to make the President and his Administration look as great as possible.

It has put the White House press secretary in a position where she’s forced to repeatedly spin news, take events out of context, and outrightly deceive the American public.

However, as the Biden Administration crashes and burns in historic proportions, Psaki is getting more challenging to explain it away.

As reported by TheBlaze, the reality of Psaki’s situation became readily apparent as she faced questions from Fox News correspondent Peter Doocy.

Last week, Doocy questioned Psaki about the discrepancies in what Biden promised instead of his leadership results.

The Fox News correspondent pointed out that despite Biden’s vow to bring unity and decades of Washington experience to the White House, things aren’t going well. Doocy also noted Biden’s attempts to pass Build Back Better, elections takeover bills, and COVID vaccine mandates.

After reminding Psaki about the laundry list of failures from this administration less than one year in, Doocy asked what happened.

The White House press secretary did not directly answer the points Doocy made. Instead, Psaki proceeded to talk about the American Rescue Plan and an infrastructure package that Biden signed into law last year.

As Psaki was talking about the supposed merits of this legislation, she failed to talk about just how much they’ve damaged the nation. Because these bills have engendered historic inflation levels that haven’t been seen in decades, they’re nothing to brag about.

While trying to make this spin, Psaki seemed visibly rattled by Doocy’s line of questioning.

As sad as it is, Joe Biden has done so much damage to this country in a little under 12 months of his presidency. It has understandably left the nation on edge as people wonder what could be coming next.

Hopefully, with Senate Republicans and moderate Senate Democrats blocking at least three radical pieces of legislation Biden wants to be passed, this will be enough to spare America until the midterms.

After Republicans regain the majority in the House and the Senate, this will significantly limit the damage Biden’s been able to do with a Congress certainly under leftist control.

The November midterms will be the most significant indicator of what comes next for the Biden Administration and the United States.