Jen Psaki Starts Paving Way for MSNBC Gig with Not-So-Subtle Doocy Slam

You could write for days on Joe Biden’s gaffes at the microphone. Before he was inviting the war in Ukraine with his ‘minor incursion’ speech and then traipsing through Europe trying to start World War III with Russia, there was the Peter Doocy affair. On a hot mic, President Biden called Fox News reporter Peter Doocy a “stupid son of a b*tch.” This was in January when Doocy asked if inflation was a political liability. Biden obviously did not like that Doocy was drawing attention to a clear problem that was only going to get worse. As we all know now, it got a lot worse. Biden personally apologized about the matter, Russia invaded Ukraine, and everybody forgot about it. Until now that is.

On the “Pod Save America” podcast, Jen Psaki was asked about the incident.

So, attacking Fox News for ‘making people stupid’ is a thinly veiled insult at the viewers of a network that is destroying MSNBC, Ms. Psaki’s future employer, on a nightly basis and has been doing so for over a decade. It is likely the question was known in advance and Ms. Psaki is starting to distance herself from her current role as White House Press Secretary. Albeit, ever so slowly on a podcast no sane person listens to it. It is interesting that she would ask the question because it directly contradicts the current narrative, she is trying to push at her day job. Namely, inflation is Putin’s fault.

The Doocy hot mic moment was in January before the invasion. The whole reason Biden did not like the question is that even in his current diminished state he knows the political game long enough to know that inflation is a polling killer. Since the American people are ignoring the Putin excuse, the White House comms team has tried to shift inflation and supply chain issues to Governor Abbot of Texas. With Biden’s numbers in free fall the administration is desperate to shift the blame anywhere else.

Jen Psaki knows that President Biden’s agenda is dead in the water. She does not really care if Americans are reminded of when inflation really started. She has a comfortable new gig she has already started practicing for by punching up and bashing Fox News. Ms. Psaki may get a payday, but she is about to discover that when people are not forced to listen to her, they will not.