Jen Psaki Perfectly Showcases The Insanity Of The Biden Administration

The antics of the Biden administration are almost tedious and tiresome, especially for Americans who are suffering the worst subsequent impacts. Leadership has consequences, and as people are experiencing all too well, it’s hazardous when the president and aides around him have serious disconnects from reality.

On countless times and in different variations, the White House has insisted the Biden administration remains committed to the best interests of Americans. However, the results of this administration’s leadership (whether it’s people leaving the workforce, prices going up, etc.) always proves precisely the opposite.

Cause and effect apparently won’t make the White House take a look and be truly honest with themselves about the reality of what’s happening in America. As a matter of act, recent rhetoric from White House press secretary Jen Psaki merely puts on display the depths of insanity which Biden has sunk to, per TheBlaze.

Inflation is a disaster. There’s no other way to present this issue honestly and forthcoming. Everything from rent prices, energy costs, meat, grocery, gas, etc., is getting more expensive. It’s sad to say, but growing numbers of everyday people are being priced out of the market.

However, Jen Psaki has a different take on the matter. The White House press secretary stated on Friday that Americans’ “psychology” regarding the economy is what’s really at work here.

Without truly elaborating on this point too much, Psaki stated that Americans believed COVID would be finished at this point and were eager to get back to normal. Further pointing out the obvious, the press secretary then mentioned the “new variants” which have surfaced as of late.

Making the country believe that mass disapproval of inflation merely boils down to Americans’ psychological outlooks on the economy is utter lunacy.

A recent ABC News/Ipsos poll showed that over nine in ten Republicans, seven in ten Independents, and even more than five in ten Democrats disapprove of how Biden’s reacted to US inflation. Biden’s press secretary will not be able to spin this reality and force Americans to disbelieve what is before their very eyes.

Despite the ridiculousness of the aforementioned remarks from Psaki, they shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. The White House press secretary will employ any means to cast the Biden administration in a favorable light, even when her lies are flagrant and easy to spot.

On countless occasions, the Biden administration demonstrates both its insanity and its utter callousness for the troubles they’re inflicting on this country’s people.