Jen Psaki Declines To Comment On Why President Biden Wrote A College Recommendation Letter For The Son Of A Chinese Businessman

Press Secretary Jen Psaki declined to comment in a White House press conference on Wednesday when asked about President Joe Biden writing a college recommendation letter for the son of a Chinese businessman.

The businessman is an associate of the President’s son Hunter Biden.

Although the president has denied any claims of him using his position to help his son’s business matters, recent emails from Hunter’s laptop state otherwise, as reported by Fox News. The laptop contained email correspondence between Hunter Biden and CEO Johnathan Li, who procured the recommendation for his son.

It also included an email from Hunter to James Gilliar referring to holding 10 by H for the big guy. Tony Bobulinski later clarified this while referring to Hunter holding 10 percent of a deal for his father Joe Biden in 2017.

Fox News reporter Peter Doocy questioned Jen Psaki about whether the President commonly helped out his son’s internal business partners by granting them favors and what the President may have gained in return. Although Psaki denied any information about a recommendation letter, she reiterated that the alleged action occurred when the president was a private citizen.

The emails obtained and published by Fox start from correspondence between CEO Li, Hunter Biden, and his business associates, Jim Bugler and Devon Archer. It consisted of Li sending his son Chris Li’s resume along with the list of colleges to which he was applying.

In February 2017, Eric Schwerin, the President of Rosemont Seneca firm, the company which Hunter Biden co-founded, sent CEO Li a copy of the recommendation letter. It was stated that the original recommendation letter had already been mailed to Dr. Paxon at Brown. Li also thanked Schwerin and Hunter Biden in his reply.

The New York Post brought in new information to the matter on Wednesday, revealing the president has also written a similar letter to Georgetown University for Li’s daughter.