Jen Psaki Entangled In A Blatant Lie

As most Americans know at this point, White House press secretary Jen Psaki lies for a living. It is quite literally in Psaki’s job description for her to get in front of the White House podium and make the Biden administration look as good as possible. 

There are too many examples of Psaki’s lies to cite. However, one of her latest falsehoods includes declaring that the supply chain crisis is due to Americans purchasing goods online. Psaki isn’t alone in sharing this misinformation. But others within the Biden administration have repeated this numerous times. 

One of Psaki’s latest lies has Republicans and Democrats alike calling her out, as documented by Twitchy.

Taking to Twitter earlier this week, the White House press secretary declared Biden inherited a U.S. economy that was “flatlining.” This claim came before Psaki said the White House is getting people back to work and making significant progress. 

Thankfully, it didn’t take long for Twitter users to begin calling the press secretary out. Multiple users drew attention to the reality that with Trump in office last year, the GDP rested at 4.1%. Yet, with Biden in office as president, the GDP has declined to 2%.

Americans furthermore called out Psaki’s claims on the economy, noting how Democrat leaders nationwide worked day and night to shut down people’s jobs and businesses. Twitter users didn’t take Psaki’s omission of this fact very well. 

Other people on social media declared that with Biden currently in office, inflation and the supply chain crisis are burdening Americans. Other folks explained how COVID vaccine mandates worsen staffing shortages and make it harder for businesses to get back on their feet.

At this point, there are no lies or excuses that the Biden administration can use to pretend as if they aren’t doing a horrible job. 

The GDP is lower under Biden than it was under Trump. Meanwhile, inflation, staff shortages, and other economic problems are higher than ever under Biden than they were during the Trump administration. 

Again, Psaki’s job is to lie on behalf of the Biden administration and make them look as good as possible, even if it’s all nonsense. However, as Psaki continues to lie, the American public must keep calling her out. 

The country must continue holding this disastrous administration accountable as it works to tear apart the country. Psaki should be ashamed for spreading such outright falsehoods and arrogantly thinking Americans would fall for it.