Jen Psaki and James Corden Join Forces in a Cringe Video

The White House Correspondents Association held their night of humor that turned out to reveal more truth than jokes. Even though the basis of the evening was meant to shed light on the hot topics over the past year, the event was very partisan and made fun of the struggles of American families.

To open the event, there was a skip featuring Press Secretary Jen Psaki and James Corden, host of “The Late Late Show” on CBS, which brought to light Psaki’s job and revealed how the White House really feels about different topics.

The skit starts off with Corden entering Psaki’s office and offering to do her job and says, “My hunch is, this whole thing is a walk in the park.” Psaki offers to write down some notes to simplify the job which mocks the responsibility of the press secretary position.

The notes say, “War with Russia; bad. CDC; Good. Economy; strong. Iran diplomacy; good.”

Of course, there are multiple complexities involved in each topic and each topic affects Americans’ lives in multiple ways. The skit obliterates the idea that the adults are back in charge.

Toward the beginning of the skit, Corden notes that the people working in the White House “work long hours.” That may be true for some in the White House, but when it comes to President Joe Biden, he’s typically unavailable; at least after 6:00 pm.

The other part of this is that Psaki’s note suggestions are exactly what Biden’s new “Disinformation Governance Board” is going to combat. Anything that pushes against the government’s narrative is going to be banned, silenced, or even carry social consequences.

The skit continued with Corden entering the press briefing room and taking questions. Corden was asked about Biden’s plan to prevent a recession, Biden leaving the White House soon after for weekend vacations, and gas prices. When Corden went to Peter Doocy, it was clear the partisan message that was sent.

Doocy asked, “When the president says one thing, and White House staff say something else, who are we supposed to listen to? The president, or White House staff?”

Corden responded, “Well, you know what, David?”

Doocy responded, “That’s not my name.”

Corden said, “You say your name is not David. I say your name is David and I’m still up here and you’re down there – unless you wanna be sitting at the back with whoever they are.”

Corden goes to other reporters and jokes with them rather than the way he did with Doocy. Corden’s demeanor was very different.

The skit was unusual and fits the cringy path that the White House has taken to get in with the younger generation.