IRS Wants More Money and Employees While Their Unions Elect Democrats

In Joe Biden’s America, the tax office isn’t what it used to be. The tax office is fuller than ever and the IRS has already admitted that they’re behind on processing filling so don’t get your hopes for being able to get a refund very quickly.

In addition to being behind on processing, the IRS also admitted that they’re only taking 20% of phone calls coming in so you should expect to be on your own. It shouldn’t be surprising that 53% of IRS employees now work from home, which should actually lower taxes because tax dollars aren’t paying for building leases. With the sensitive nature of tax filings, why are so many IRS employees working from home? Here’s your answer.

The IRS agents are protected by civil service laws and that makes it very difficult to fire them. Along with that protection, IRS agents are represented by unions and making any changes inside of the government agency is almost impossible. Around 97% of the unions representing IRS agents contribute to Democratic campaigns. It would be nice to say that’s a surprise, but it’s not.

The IRS has the idea that more is better and by more they mean money. They believe $80 billion more dollars will change things and 87,000 more employees will make it easier but the only thing that’s going to do is embolden the federal government to raise taxes and go after average Americans over small matters to boost tax dollars and allow for more spending.

If the IRS wanted to help then they would simplify tax law and make filing taxes easier online rather than having to meet with an accountant. A simple form should be the only information that the IRS needs for you to prove to them that you’re paying enough. The concept is outdated, not the equipment.

According to Fox Business, the IRS isn’t actually going to update their infrastructure, but they would increase audits on small and independent businesses by 50%. The Covid-19 pandemic caused an influx of small business owners that may not have been versed on tax laws which provides the perfect opportunity for the federal government to go after middle- and low-class citizens.

Biden has also proposed a new budget that includes 36 tax hikes and 11 new taxes on energy. Nothing about that will lower prices and allow good wages but rather cause businesses to let go some of their employees and raise their prices to get by. With prices rising 8.5%, average Americans are going to continue to suffer.

Biden’s plan also includes “unrealized capital gains,” which would tax citizens when their business value increases, land value increases, or your 401K increases. Though you wouldn’t actually obtain more money, you would have to pay the government because of it.

America’s 21% would no longer have an advantage over China who has a 25% corporate tax rate and Europe who averages 19%.

The plan also gives the federal government a tax preparation service, which would give the federal government more ability to see your internal business workings rather than get paid. It would allow them to have a forensic eye on all of your accounting to determine how much more they can charge you. It’s not going to work.