Inflation Put Some Democrats On High Alert Now

The Biden administration and mainstream media have repeatedly moved the goalposts on inflation. When the Republican Party first warned that Biden’s spending plans would lead to more economic turmoil, especially inflation, the White House ignored and dismissed this.

Of course, the mainstream media eagerly joined in, doing its part to undermine a very credible warning coming from conservatives. Then, as inflation began to materialize undoubtedly, the Biden administration shifted the narrative, declaring inflation as something that was only fleeting and indicative of a better economy to come.

However, as inflation continues to worsen in this nation, fewer and fewer people believe leftist lies about it. As American Thinker points out, even some Democrats are on high alert about it.

The Biden administration has a habit of looking the other way regarding their economic reality to the United States. When this White House doesn’t like what one economist has to say, they tend to keep going until they find an economist who tells them what they want to hear.

Even this, however, is proving difficult for Democrats. Former Obama economic counselor Steven Rattner wrote in a piece in the New York Times about the reality of what Biden’s doing to the economy, and it’s not a pretty picture.

First, Rattner kicked off his piece by dismissing the Biden administration’s insane notion that inflation is still somehow “transitory.” This leftist economist then went on to warn things are going. Inflation could engender a climb in interest rates.

Rattner also noted the Biden administration wanted to secure the 2022 midterms by throwing a bunch of money at a progressively improving economy. However, all the White House did was cause an inflation crisis, which American voters are understandably concerned about.

In another segment of Rattner’s articles for the Times, he declared the president and his team need to be honest with Americans about inflation’s reality.

Furthermore, the former Obama aide explained that Biden’s Build Back Better plan could not honestly be deemed as paid for unless budget gimmicks are included.
However, as the Build Back Better agenda currently stands, it will increase the deficit to the tune of at least $800 billion over five years, thus worsening inflation even further.

It is truly a sign of the time when a left-leaning economist who worked for the Obama administration has more sense than Joe Biden and the current White House.