Inflation Begins And Ends With Biden

The United States’ ongoing inflation is a tragic consequence of the Biden administration’s destructive spending policies.

Last year, Republicans and fiscal conservatives repeatedly warned the White House that spending money like no tomorrow would have real consequences for the American people.

Unfortunately, Biden didn’t listen and neither did the Democrats who helped pass Biden’s policies into law. Therefore, the American people are left with an inflation crisis in perpetuity.

Much of the American public is all too eager to know when inflation will finally end. However, the truth is that just as inflation started with Biden, it will end with him also, per American Thinker.

For inflation to go away once and for all, the president needs to reverse his policies completely. Biden’s reforms, thus far, have all contributed to an increase in spending, thus triggering inflation.

Therefore, for inflammation to subside, spending needs to decrease. The costs of living for the American people also need to lessen.

There’s no better example of this than gas prices in the United States. Despite Biden’s decision to blame Putin, the reality is Biden could quickly reduce gas costs by getting domestic energy production up and running again.

Likewise, Biden’s use of federal government spending needs to decrease dramatically. At this time, it’s pretty clear the president won’t do this by his own volition. However, the Senate did it last year in rejecting Biden’s Build Back Better Act.

At this point, the White House can no longer sit back, pass the buck and give excuses. There are too many Americans’ well-being and livelihoods at stake.

Although inflation begins and ends with Biden, this doesn’t mean there aren’t steps Americans can take to help speed along the recovery process.

One colossal opportunity will present in November when people vote in the midterm elections. Collectively, the votes of the American people are going to determine whether or not Biden’s political party continues to control Congress.

One thing is for sure: Getting the House and the Senate means the president won’t be able to bank on Congress passing the majority of the spending bill he wants.

Likewise, a GOP-led Congress will be in the best possible position to minimize the damage Biden can do for what remains of his time in the White House.

In the meantime, though, this president needs to be made to get his act together as quickly as possible.