Indiana May Become The Next State To Recognize Constitutional Carry

Despite the major problems America is currently up against, the rise of gun rights in America is one primary silver lining.

Over the past few years, there’s been a significant uptick in Americans purchasing firearms. Many of these firearms buyers are first-timers, women and minorities.

As the world becomes more uncertain and less safe, folks take responsibility for their self-protection. It involves a rise in people buying guns and a surge in Americans taking firearms training classes and concealed carry courses.

Another considerable part of the gun rights movement seeing some gains is none other than constitutional carry. More states are beginning to recognize the right for Americans to carry guns without needing a concealed carry permit.

According to TheBlaze, Indiana appears likely to be the next state to legalize constitutional carry.

The GOP-controlled Indiana state legislature passed legislation to let individuals carry firearms without a government-issued permit. Since the bill’s success in the Indiana House and Senate, its next destination is to the desk of Republican Governor Eric Holcomb.

Governor Holcomb can either sign the bill or veto it. Republicans in Indiana push for Holcomb to give the legislation the necessary signature to pass.

Meanwhile, the National Rifle Association is also hugely on board with the legislation to legalize firearm carry without a permit. Likewise, the NRA has been campaigning for Indiana residents to urge Governor Holcomb to sign the bill.

At this time, if Indiana’s constitutional carry legislation passes into law, it will become the 22nd state in America to recognize this form of gun carry. Meanwhile, other states with constitutional carry bills working through their legislatures are Florida and Georgia.

Across the nation, Democrats are collectively outraged as they witness Indiana and other states begin moving towards constitutional carry.

Democrats argue that allowing folks to carry guns without permits will lead to more crime.

However, the left hasn’t submitted any evidence to support this claim. Likewise, the same Democrats up in arms against constitutional carry also don’t want Americans to carry firearms even with government-issued permits.

The gun control crowd continues rallying for various measures that make gun ownership difficult, expensive and borderline impossible.

The endgame for Democrats has already been the abolition of gun ownership and the Second Amendment altogether. Yet, on this front, the left is losing badly.