Indiana Man Steals Liquor Truck To Settle Drug Debts, Police Say

An Indiana man was recently arrested for stealing an entire truck stocked with liquor in order to pay off a giant drug debt. Beau Burchel, 39, was caught by police after he took the truck from the parking lot of the Cheers Bar on Thursday.

Burchel found his chance when he noticed a truck, outside the bar filled with $12,000 worth of beer and liquor. He made the choice to take it thinking he could sell the alcohol to settle his debts within the drug scene.

The stolen truck was discovered in a cornfield behind the Shriners Club, near Meadowview Farms, a mobile home community. When police arrived, they saw Burchel running into a nearby woodline. He was found hiding under a bush and was promptly arrested stolen truck.

During questioning, Burchel admitted to stealing the truck and revealed his plan to sell the alcohol to pay off his debts. The police also found a stolen skid steer loader worth over $60,000, which Burchel had disabled the GPS unit on to avoid detection.

The truck itself was valued around $50,000. Even though Burchel caused damage by taking out the camera and GPS system the alcohol inside remained untouched. Burchel is facing felony theft charges and is currently being held on a bond of $20,000.

This incident sheds light on the addiction crisis in Indiana. Reports suggest that half a million Hoosiers meet the criteria for substance use disorder. The state has witnessed an increase, in drug overdoses with fatalities rising from 923 in 2010 to 1,809 in 2017. Over the decade opioid related deaths have exceeded 4,000.

One thing is certain, Burchel would have done well to “just say no!”