Identifying The ‘Five Awful’ Types Of Liberals

Liberals are like weeds in that they will want to take over your area, no one wants them, and some of them have thorns. Consider this article a weed whacker to assist you in figuring out what kind of library you’re dealing with. There are many different types of libs.

The Classic Lib claims to be an open-minded, middle-of-the-road person who doesn’t perceive skin color yet applauds Biden’s decision to appoint a Supreme Court Justice based on gender and race. The Classic Lib lady will seem interested in hearing a conservative’s viewpoints, but while the conservative talks, she will tune out and begin daydreaming about her son being gay.

Moreover, they may be professors at a prestigious university or even a regional college. They can also be found in low-paying occupations, such as big-box retailers. They are commonly observed irritating coworkers by spouting nonsense facts and viewpoints. He may occasionally blend the three in a futile attempt to look intellectual.

It is the type of person who has memorized talking points but cannot discuss anything else. Even while they try to persuade you that some women have penises, they like to claim, “They follow the research.” “Well, at least they are not a bigot like YOU,” the Faux Intellectual Lib will say at the end of an argument.

The Angry Spit-Screamers are the most illiterate of the liberals. They use their rage to compensate for their cerebral void. They cry, “They CAN’T be fascists, their name Antifa comes from ANTI-FASCIST!” These are the most entertaining animals to play with on Facebook because they go from zero to anger faster than Hillary Clinton on election night.

“Conservatives think, liberals feel,” Rush Limbaugh remarked, and this is the lib he was referring to. Minorities’ conduct, according to the Victim Lib, does not influence their own lives, and they are “poor victims” waiting for a big, white hero like the Victim Lib to stand up for them. According to one Victim source, Southern states “make it difficult for minorities to obtain voter identification, but will allow white folks to utilize their NRA cards as sufficient identification.”

The Sister-in-Law’s Lib is a wealthy white lady who comes to your barbecue wearing a BLM t-shirt and requests one of your guests to turn their “Back the Blue” inside-out. As they are family, these are possibly the worst of all the libs. She’ll point out all of your pals wearing Trump hats and question why they aren’t supporting BLM with her lack of wit.