Hurricane Ian Leaves Many People Unsure of What Comes Next

Towards the end of September, an untold number of Florida residents were hit by Hurricane Ian. The hurricane caused flooding, power outages, property destruction, and mandatory evacuations.

While some people were able to return to their homes after Hurricane Ian and get back to their lives, everyone wasn’t as fortunate. Southwest Florida took the hardest hits, while cities like Ft. Myers and Naples went viral for the images and videos of destruction caused.

Nearly two weeks later, some people aren’t certain of what they’re going to do now or how much time and resources will be necessary to completely rebuild.

Major Problems Ahead
One of the worst effects of Hurricane Ian involved the total destruction of homes. Some people only have debris and wood left of what used to be their places of residence. This means furniture, memories, critical documents, and valuables ruined.

Florida residents who lived in mobile homes are especially bearing the brunt of the storm’s negative aftermath.

Meanwhile, the American Red Cross notes that some Florida residents aren’t anywhere close to fully recovering. Various impacted people have disabilities, require certain medicines, and aren’t in the best position to take care of themselves without help.

In some Florida communities, entire neighborhoods are ruined. Although the storm has come and gone, rescue missions and searches for individuals remain ongoing. There’s no telling how much more time will need to pass before everyone can fully put the storm and its aftermath behind them.

Keeping People Safe in Florida
While so many people remain uncertain of how to rebuild their lives following this storm, there are added worries about looters taking advantage of the chaos.

Already, Florida law enforcement have arrested various individuals who chose to loot and take advantage of vulnerable people. To boot, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) issued a warning to any other individuals who may consider looting.

DeSantis stressed Florida is a state that respects not only the Second Amendment, but also law and order. In making this announcement, the governor joined the state’s law enforcement by warning that looters could very well be shot by the homeowners they choose to target.

Law enforcement throughout Florida has been clear it won’t stand for criminals using the aftermath of this hurricane to further victimize folks.