Hunter Biden Claimed Ownership Of Parents’ Delaware Home

Not only did presidential son Hunter Biden assert that he owned his parents’ Delaware residence, but he also reported paying $49,910 per month to live there.

Controversy over multiple classified documents being discovered in President Joe Biden’s garage only deepened with the revelation of a form Hunter filled out for a background check in 2018. That paper is being reviewed for its relationship to the papers discovered at the home.

Of course, it could mean that the controversy-laden younger Biden had access to sensitive information while he paid rent from March 2017 to Feb. 2018.

Legal documents show that the president and Jill Biden are the owners of the home and have been since 1996. As for Hunter’s claiming to pay nearly $600,000 for one year of rent, that’s just highway robbery.

Records showed that the rental value of the Biden estate is approximately $7,600 per month.

Did the Bidens note almost $600,000 in rental income on their taxes? Not exactly. In 2017, Joe Biden’s tax return on Schedule E only reported $19,800 in “rents received.” There were no rents listed for the following year.

The New York Post’s Miranda Devine offered some clarity on the issue, reporting that the shocking rental figure may have been intended to reflect the about $50,000 Hunter paid per quarter for his office in the House of Sweden.

The background check form he filled out in 2018 was for what Devine described as a “hip Hollywood complex he was desperate to get into.” That may also explain why he falsely claimed to own his parents’ Delaware home.

At least one falsehood — ownership of the home — is obvious. The second may be the rent, though the presidential son may have fudged that number in reflecting his office space.

Several Twitter users have expressed their belief that the alleged monthly payments were a way to funnel money to his father. Either way, with Republicans now in control of the House, it is certain this and so many other misdeeds linked to the Biden family will be thoroughly investigated.