How The Biden Administration Is Working Against Itself

Life under the Biden administration is getting rougher and more challenging. One year ago, the American public wasn’t confronting an inflation nightmare. They also weren’t seeing supply chain delays overtaking the country either.

All of this eventually comes down to the present White House administration. Biden and his staff have determined that American liberties are not the vision they have for the country.

When Biden talks about building back better, his notion is not American freedom but a socialist dystopia where a big government controls everything. Yet, the irony of all this is the Biden administration is proving exactly why socialism and big government do not work, as per Newsmax.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy has been one of the fiercest champions standing against the president’s so-called Build Back Better. Thursday night through early Friday morning, McCarthy spent a total of over 8.5 hours speaking out against this legislation.

The California Republican noted the myriad problems associated with this bill. A few examples include having the IRS review Americans’ banking accounts, sending money to illegal immigrants, and running up the national deficit with feckless spending habits.

While interviewing with Fox News on Sunday, McCarthy further focused on the danger of Biden’s plan. The GOP leader explained that what Americans witness today is a prime example of socialism and big government.

McCarthy drew attention to historically high inflation and gas prices, the Justice Department’s newfound vendetta against parents, and the slow, yet insidious, dismantling of our nation’s Armed Forces. None of this indicates success. It only speaks to the utter failures of Biden’s plan thus far.

In a later segment, McCarthy told Fox News that what’s happening in the country is a prime example as to why Republicans are going to win back Congress come the 2022 midterms. The House Minority Leader eventually revealed Democrats are essentially trying to do as much harm as possible before being voted out of power.

The Biden administration backs up everything happening from Democrats in Congress. In the White House pushing and co-signing this plan, they show Americans why electing Democrats is such a bad idea.

Every day folks are reminded of this every time they pay for groceries or swipe their credit card at the gas pump. Big government and socialism are making life harder for more people. Meanwhile, the Biden administration wants to feed the country more of the same.