How Putin Is Betting On Inflation To Bury America

At this time in our nation, inflation is much more impactful than most people understand. Of course, the immediate, in-your-face impacts entail high prices, devalued wages, low consumer confidence levels, etc.

However, continuous inflation will threaten America’s ability to be a competitive nation on the global stage in the long run. It is why it’s very troubling to have a White House that continues to ignore, downplay and explain away inflation.

Right now, the world is becoming more uncertain and chaotic. The war brewing between Ukraine and Russia also affects the United States and the West like never before.

Some people may be shocked to learn how Russian President Putin counts on inflation to bury the United States, as American Thinker covers.

The Russian despot is growing incredibly unhinged and enraged as his war in Ukraine runs into more setbacks than he anticipated.

Meanwhile, as America continues to purchase oil from the Russian government, it has revealed its decision to immediately halt all international fertilizer exports.

Given the significance that fertilizer plays in agriculture, not to mention that America is still pouring into Russia’s economy via oil purchases, the loss of this supply from the most prominent manufacturer will hurt the US economy.

This latest blow will come at a time when America’s facing a sky-high national deficit and inflation that’s showing no sign of dying down anytime soon.

Putin, in the end, is counting on inflation to bury one of the western nations that have been slapping various sanctions upon his government. Likewise, the Russian president would love nothing more than the US greenback to lose its current status and value.

At this juncture, it is more imperative than ever for the United States government to stop pouring into Russia’s economy (and thereby funding their war on Ukraine) by purchasing Russian oil.

Here in the United States, we have all the resources we need to produce our energy and return to being an energy-independent country. In the aftermath of the ongoing events in Ukraine, lawmakers have called for ending Russian oil imports on both sides of the aisle.

At this time, the only person standing in the way is Biden himself. This president will have to get out of the way and allow domestic energy production for the country’s good.