How Biden Ruined The Holiday Season

In a horror story playing out in real life, Joe Biden has essentially become the grinch who ruined the holiday season.

Biden’s ruined the holidays by making what’s supposed to be the most beautiful time of the year drastically unaffordable. It’s gotten to be so bad that news anchors are telling Americans they should forgo turkey this Thanksgiving or invite fewer people over.

The 46th president has additionally ruined the holiday season by creating a supply chain crisis. This crisis also leads to higher prices because as supplies get lower, the demand is getting higher. It puts a significant strain on retailers and other companies, hence the rise in gas prices.

Red State is now highlighting the magnitude of what Biden has done to the holiday season on the eve of Thanksgiving.

The erratic ill-judgment of the Biden administration continues to play out in numerous horrific fashions. For starters, the president’s curious war against the country’s energy industry makes it harder for Americans to keep their homes during the current winter season.

Biden’s partisan vendetta against the energy sector is also leading to a shortage in alcohol. Many people enjoy purchasing alcoholic beverages during the holidays. However, due to the 46th president’s supply chain crisis, alcohol is becoming harder to come upon.

Let’s also not forget that all the messes underway right now could very well be just in their beginning stages. Many of the inflation and current economic problems stem from the $1.9 American Rescue Plan Biden passed several months ago.

Yet, a little over one week ago, the president also signed another spending bill into law, this one being to the tune of $1.2 trillion. This bill passed in the middle of an inflation predicament which economic experts predict will last through the better part of 2022.

As the White House persists in denying the dangerous aftermath of Biden’s policies and spending bill, Americans are left with one pressing question: what is the president building back better?

He’s undoubtedly not rebuilding the economy, jobs, the energy sector, unity, or anything he campaigned on during the 2020 presidential election. Thus far, all that Biden has “built back better” is socialism, hatred, tyranny, and economic disparities.

Middle-class Americans are absorbing some of the hardest hits from the inflation Biden promised wouldn’t happen. There is no denying Biden has ruined the holiday season, and he is on track to destroy the United States of America.

He must be stopped.