Houston Texas Gives Beto O’Rourke A Cold Reality Check

Beto O’Rourke has a pretty established track record of losing elections in Texas and on the national stage. Yet, despite O’Rourke’s failure to become a senator of Texas or become the Democratic nominee for president in 2020, he’s back at it again.

This time, the Lone Star State Democrat is looking to get himself into the Texas governor’s mansion. In doing this, O’Rourke is sticking by the same anti-gun, pro-socialism agenda he’s always been in favor of.

Recently, O’Rourke came out and professed his run for Texas governor wasn’t going to be focused on Joe Biden, but only the people of the Lone Star State.

Of course, O’Rourke’s politically correct version explained he doesn’t want Biden’s laughably low approval ratings tanking his shot to become governor of Texas.

However, it turns out O’Rourke has more significant problems on his hands, as TheBlaze points out.

A few days ago, O’Rourke stopped in Houston to promote his gubernatorial campaign and drum up support. Nevertheless, the Texas Democrat received precisely the opposite.

During his time in Houston, one man came up to O’Rourke and shook his hand. The gentleman then introduced himself as a native resident. Seconds later, he told O’Rourke to “get out” and stated his order came on behalf of farmers, ranchers, and Texans working in the gas and oil industry.

Later, the gentleman informed O’Rourke he was not wanted as governor and to never return to Houston. He then finished off the Texas Democrat by letting O’Rourke know he’d never take Texans’ guns away.

O’Rourke merely responded to this by smiling at the gentleman and repeatedly thanking him. Eventually, security stepped in to distance this individual from O’Rourke. However, members at the campaign event seemed to back up the gentleman by chanting “hell no” when the topic of gun grabs came up.

This incident didn’t take long to go viral and make its way across multiple social media channels and news headlines.

The gentleman who confronted Beto O’Rourke at the latter’s campaign stop signifies an emerging pattern in the United States. As the Biden administration gives America a first-hand experience of what leftist leadership offers, growing numbers of people reject it.

O’Rourke’s decision to double down on gun-grabbing, pro-communist policies won’t do him any favors in the state of Texas. Quite frankly, O’Rourke would have a much better chance of becoming governor in a state like California, Oregon, or New Jersey.