House Expected To Release Trump’s Redacted Tax Returns

The House Ways and Means Committee is now expected to release former President Donald Trump’s tax returns in redacted form. This action has been long sought by Democrats in Washington along with their media allies.

Last week the group voted 24-16 to release six years of Trump’s tax documents to the full House of Representatives. The release includes eight years of business returns for the former president.

This decision came in a closed-door meeting in Washington.

House Democrats justified their move by claiming they sought to determine whether the IRS audit of Trump was completed “fully and appropriately.”

The left knew there was a clock ticking on their efforts. Next week Republicans are set to take control of the lower chamber and would doubtlessly kill their attempts to bring the former president’s finances to the public.

Trump, of course, is in the midst of fighting off several legal challenges from the left even as he builds support for a third campaign for the White House in 2024.

Democrats are up in arms over the Joint Committee on Taxation’s Report that the IRS did not conduct annual audits of Trump’s tax returns. This report, posted after the committee voted to release the financial records, showed only one audit was begun.

It was completed in 2021, after Trump left office, though the report does not suggest that the former president had any hand in the IRS not completing the audits.

Many took the opportunity to slam the agency, with Senate Finance Committee Chairman Ron Wyden (D-OR) asserting that the “IRS was asleep at the wheel.”

Wyden declared the agency program to audit presidents is “broken.” He said Wednesday that he wondered if a lack of resources was to blame before insinuating that “fear of political retaliation from the White House” could have played a part.

This speculation, of course, was made with no evidence cited. And complex audits for someone such as Trump are known to take years to complete.

The left’s fixation on bringing the former president down by any means necessary has never been more clear than now. Out of office for almost two years, Trump still faces legal entanglements and now financial pressures from those who clearly have a political ax to grind.