House Democrats Left ‘Scrambling’ Ahead Of Midterms

The United States House of Representatives looks positioned to flip red in November. House Republicans are hard at work reaching out to voters, communicating the solutions they’ll implement, and pointing out the many ways that leftist leadership has failed America.

Meanwhile, House Democrats are confronting one disaster after the other. For starters, more than two dozen Democrats in the House will not defend their seats.

Secondly, they’re saddled with a deeply unpopular President, yet also oblivious to how much he’s failed since getting into office. It is one core reason Democrats are putting some distance between themselves and Biden as the midterms get closer.

However, House Democrats’ embarrassment of Biden isn’t stopping them from asking him about handing out more money, according to RedState.

Democrats trying to get elected in November have virtually nothing to campaign on. The only thing Democrats have done is pass a series of spending bills that sent prices and inflation skyrocketing.

Leftist candidates ask Biden to give out more COVID relief funds as this reality sets in. The motivation behind this is House Democrats finally having something to campaign on. Nonetheless, reckless government spending is what’s created the current inflation nightmare.

Therefore, if Biden were actually to take up Democrats on this, prices would become even more ridiculously high across the board. Businesses, consumers, and everyone else in between would absorb additional financial hits.

House Democrats made their wishes known to Biden in a letter. However, whether or not the president responds publicly or agrees to what’s being asked remains to be seen. At this point, though, it really wouldn’t make all that much of a difference.

Democrats made their bed. Now, they have to lie in it. What leftists in the House of Representatives are asking for is the only more reason they don’t belong in any public office.

Democrats never quite learned that heavy spending has consequences. The left believes that running up the federal deficit can be solved by printing more money. In actuality, all this does is devalue the US dollar.

If Republicans take back Congress as they are likely to, the country can expect to see a reduction in federal spending. A GOP-led Congress won’t vote for ridiculous spending packages that a Democrat-led Congress voted for.

The sooner congressional Democrats are voted out of office, the better everyone’s lives will become.