Hillary Clinton’s Words Continue To Backfire On Her

During the 2016 presidential election, Hillary Clinton made a series of dumb choices and miscalculations. Then, she was stunned when Trump became the 45th president of the United States. This loss is something that Clinton’s never quite managed to get over.

More than five years later, she is still talking about it and still using interviews to bash Trump in various ways. However, the interesting thing about Clinton is that what she says tends to backfire on her. It is something that Americans had a front-row seat to very recently, as Twitchy reports.

Earlier this year, Clinton tweeted that Americans shouldn’t vote for a person they wouldn’t be able to trust with their dogs. Yet, in light of Biden’s dicey track record with dogs, this post doesn’t quite send the message that Clinton expected.

For starters, Biden has gotten a new dog and appears to have abandoned his other dog, Major. Earlier this year, Major made headlines for biting various members of the White House.

Eventually, Major was sent back to Delaware. However, with the arrival of a new dog, reports now indicate that Biden had Major go live with family friends. There’s no telling what these so-called friends may be like or what conditions Major could be living in.

However, there is much more about Biden’s treatment of dogs. The Biden Administration came under fire for abandoning US service dogs in Kabul earlier. The dogs were seen locked in crates, and reports indicated they were denied entry onto planes heading to the United States.

It engendered a lot of blowback against Biden and his administration. However, in light of Clinton’s tweet, it’s also a prime example as to why no one should make the error of trusting their dog to be in Biden’s care.

Clinton’s remarks about not voting for anyone you wouldn’t trust to be with your dog are just the tip of the iceberg. Not too long ago, the failed presidential candidate came under fire for admonishing Americans in an interview who don’t show “gratitude” towards Biden.

Clinton doesn’t understand why most Americans aren’t grateful for lower wages, higher inflation, human trafficking at the southern border, and many other problems that Biden is responsible for.

Suffice it to say, little that Hillary Clinton says ages well. It is for this reason that she’d do very well to say nothing at all.