Hillary Clinton’s Plea For Donations Doesn’t Go Over So Well

Over the past year, failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has made a series of statements that reminded everyone why not voting her in for president was such a good move.

For starters, Clinton interviewed in the past several weeks where she lambasted everyday Americans for not showing gratitude towards Joe Biden. Clinton doesn’t grasp that Americans are indeed burdened by having to pay higher prices for everything, deal with public safety crises, amongst other things.

Hillary Clinton has put her foot in her mouth despite the many times. She doesn’t seem to know when to quit. It is evidenced by her seeking donations on Twitter, as noted by the Next News Network.

On Wednesday, Hillary Clinton decided it would be good to ask her Twitter followers to donate to The Clinton Foundation. As many Americans are already aware, the Clinton Foundation, for years, has maintained a history of being involved in various scandals.

When Clinton took to Twitter to seek donations as a means of backing what she called “life-changing work” of the organization, the feedback was not what she likely anticipated.

The failed presidential candidate was panned, with Twitter followers questioning whether or not she was serious in asking for these donations. Other social media users responded to Clinton by asking if her daughter was looking for a new house or if Clinton would wind up giving the donations to Benghazi families.

For quite some time now, though, the Clinton Foundation hasn’t been doing all that well. When Clinton lost the 2016 presidential election to Donald Trump, the donations that came into the foundation decreased dramatically.

Perhaps even fewer people have stopped donating since Clinton started lecturing the nation for not worshiping at Joe Biden’s altar.

What’s all the more outrageous about Clinton asking for people to donate to her foundation is the tone-deafness of it all. Right now, thanks to the Biden Administration and Democrats in Congress, Americans are battling a severe inflation crisis.

It’s getting harder for families to put aside money into savings, support themselves, and make essential purchases. However, Clinton doesn’t seem to know or care about this. Judging from her plea for donations, the only thing she cares about is padding her scandal-ridden foundation with more money.

The only silver lining to all of this is Americans telling her no in rampant numbers and calling her out accordingly.