Herschel Walker Responds to MSNBC Contributor Using Racist Slur Against Him: ‘They Need Jesus’

Republican Georgia Senate candidate Hershel Walker responded on social media to an MSNBC contributor who used a racial slur against him during a discussion about the Georgia Senate race.

In a video posted to Twitter on Monday, Walker promised to pray for MSNBC contributor Elie Mystal, who called him “unintelligent” and said that he was one of the “negroes” who would “do what they were told” by Republicans.

Mystal, a Demand Justice board member, made the racist comments when he appeared on MSNBC on Saturday to discuss the Georgia Senate race.

According to the MSNBC contributor, the election in Georgia is going to be close because Walker is receiving so much support from Republicans.

“You ask why are Republicans backing this man who’s so clearly unintelligent, who so clearly doesn’t have independent thoughts, but that’s actually the reason,” Mystal said.

“Walker is going to do what he’s told, and that is what Republicans like,” he continued. “That’s what Republicans want from their Negroes: to do what they were told.”

Mystal went on to claim that Walker presents “exactly as a person who lacks independent thoughts, lacks an independent agenda, lacks an independent ability to grasp policies, and he’s just going to go in there and vote like Mitch McConnell tells them to vote.”

Walker responded to the racist remarks in a video on Twitter.

“A lot of people have been asking me to say something about the man on MSNBC that called me the N-word,” he said. “Here’s what I gotta say about that: shame on MSNBC. And shame on him. I’m going to pray for both of them. Because they need Jesus.”

“When I saw what he said, it reminded me of the differences between myself and my opponents. Senator Warnock and the left-wing crazies that believe that America is fundamentally a bad country, full of racist people,” Walker added, mentioning his opponent, incumbent Sen. Raphael Warnock (D-GA). “They want to divide us, turn us against each other. We have our problems, but we can solve them together.”


Walker also posted another video to his Twitter one day before, speaking out about Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) planned visit to Taiwan.

In the video, the GOP Senate candidate urged Pelosi not to back down from her planned trip, saying that it will “send a signal to the world that we’re gonna stand up to China.” He argued that backing down would make the rest of the world “look at us as weak,” and “send a signal to China that it can invade Taiwan.”

Walker even offered to escort the California Democrat to Taiwan himself.

“If need be, Speaker Pelosi, I’ll take you to Taiwan myself. Because I know what it means to stand up to tough opponents,” he said.