Henry Kissinger Believes Europe Has Let In Too Many Foreigners

In the wake of Hamas rallies around Europe, Henry Kissinger believes Europe has let in too many foreigners. Kissinger voiced his concerns over the foreign population increase and how it could be a bad sign for Europe.

Many European nations had open border policies allowing migrants from various nations. Like the migrants entering the southern borders of the United States, migrants entering Europe were largely undocumented.

Undocumented migrants pose many issues for countries like the United States, Italy, and France. These migrants can have a variety of health conditions as well as ties to terrorist organizations and criminal backgrounds.

The most significant concern with the rise of pro-Hamas rallies is the possibility of anti-Jewish violence. For areas with undocumented migrants, the concern can grow dramatically.

France, which has allowed a large number of migrants to their city, announced that pro-Palestine rallies were banned. Anyone participating in the rallies would be arrested. This announcement was posted on social media.

The war in Israel and the attacks by Hamas have opened the world’s eyes to the lack of security due to migrant surges worldwide. Many world powers do not know what groups have sent members into the countries disguised as migrants or refugees.

The issue of possible criminal elements, terrorists, and even Hamas members is a genuine concern. The possibilities were made real in recent reports of the Mexican Cartel sending members through the southern borders of the U.S.

This movement made Americans aware that cartel members could be in any area, seeing a sizable migrant surge. Americans were also made aware there was little to no way to track them due to the large number of migrants and lack of information on them.

Kissinger’s insight is the concern of many people around the world. The migrant surge is bringing in undocumented people with ties that range from the cartels to Hamas. This type of surge brings in people that could destroy entire communities.

Kissinger described the mass amount of immigrants being let into Europe as what happened in Germany in World War II. His concern is this surge, combined with the rise of Humas, will see another war on many fronts led by the migrants who have been allowed into the borders of Europe.