Health Officials Now Pivoting Away from COVID Case Numbers

Just about two years into the COVID “pandemic,” the credibility of our nation’s supposed health officials is borderline non-existent. This lack of trust is inevitable when the people who claim to be experts repeatedly change their tune and allow politics to sway their guidance.

Health officials condemned 2020 protests against lockdowns and stay-at-home orders. However, they did not charge the people who gathered to burn down businesses during the 2020 summer riots. Health officials were also conveniently silent when leftists gathered in the streets to cheer the election of Joe Biden as president.

At this point, it’s par for the course for health officials to change their tune on COVID. It is not a pattern they’re breaking as we approach the new year. TheBlaze confirms that health officials are now trying to pivot away from a heavy emphasis on COVID case numbers.

Over the weekend, health officials declared that deaths and hospitalizations from COVID should be the metrics used to assess the virus rather than the mere number of cases across the nation.

According to Dr. Ashish Jha, omicron’s less severe nature prompts a shift in how the pandemic is viewed and measured. Jha also declared that while COVID infections were previously reliable indicators of future events to come, omicron’s mild nature marks a turning point.

Instead, claimed Jha, the most brilliant move in the future is to track the numbers of unvaccinated individuals who COVID is infecting, rather than merely following COVID infections in the general population.

The health official also claimed that vaccinated (and boosted) people who come down with COVID have the most substantial likelihood of undergoing mild symptoms but making a relatively quick comeback health-wise.

Unfortunately, health officials have been known to change their claims and statements in matters of days and weeks. Therefore, there’s honestly no telling whether this will be the standard as we advance or if Jha and other “experts” will say something different during the first or second week of January.

Already, the push is happening to change the term “fully vaccinated” to mean having booster shots in addition to the regular COVID vaccines. Over the past several days, there have also been whispers about yet another booster shot to come.

We know what the health officials are saying today. However, as proven by past behavior, the guidance is subject to change at literally any moment.