Health Officials Fail In Their Quest To ‘Scapegoat’ The Unvaccinated

For the longest time, Democrats and health officials have attempted to make unvaccinated people the scapegoats of COVID. They’ve called for, supported, and enacted measures that resulted in unvaccinated people being fired, losing their jobs, and being isolated from society in some parts of the country.

At best, the establishment wants Americans to hate and ostracize people who choose not to take a highly questionable vaccine. This COVID vaccine has not stopped people from getting the virus or passing it onto others. The same also goes for the almighty booster shots that people are being pressed to get.

However, in an ironic twist, the omicron variant of COVID has directly foiled the plans of Democrats and health officials to scapegoat the unvaccinated, as reported by PJ Media.

There have been countless fully vaccinated people and boosted coming down with COVID.

Many of these people are Democrat lawmakers in the United States House and Senate. Their offices had to make statements admitting they came down with the virus while also talking about how great the vaccines are.

Omicron, in particular, seems to have an affinity for vaccinated individuals. After all, the first case of Omicron in the United States was discovered in a wholly vaccinated person. Other vaccinated people have also come down with this new variant.

Where are health officials on this? They haven’t explained why their vaccines don’t stop the transmission of infection. Right now, what the medical establishment is claiming is everyone needs to go out and get booted without question.

In new CDC guidance, vaccinated folks without booster shots are now advised to follow the same quarantine measures recommended for unvaccinated people.

Although this isn’t widely discussed, some vaccinated people express qualms about getting their booster shots. Others are beginning to question why the CDC wants them to follow the same quarantine measures as individuals who have not been vaccinated against COVID.

As Democrats and health officials continue to push for blind obedience and compliance, they’re working against their plan in the long run. The more aggressive they become, the more people begin to ask questions.

Case and point, health officials have already been talking about additional booster shots to come. Meanwhile, in California, the Democrat governor is mandating healthcare workers who are fully vaccinated also to take their booster shots. Those who refuse will presumably be fired.

The establishment is not sustainable with scapegoating the unvaccinated and repeatedly moving the needle on COVID vaccines.