Health Officials Caught Lying To Americans On COVID Yet Again

Sadly, the United States has reached a place where we can no longer trust what health officials say at face value. COVID and how the health community and medical establishment went about handling this virus indeed says it all. 

Health officials criticized Trump rallies and anti-lockdown protests as “superspreader” events. Yet, when left-wing activists, Antifa, and Black Lives Matter rioters gathered in the streets, burning cities during summer 2002, health officials never cited these events as “superspreaders.” 

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Health officials have repeatedly lied and moved the goalposts on exactly what milestone America needs to reach to bring the COVID pandemic to a halt. 

Now, as Red State reports, yet another lie from the medical establishment has been revealed. 

Time and time again, health officials have stressed that COVID vaccines are necessary to defeat the pandemic. These so-called experts also wasted no time in backing COVID vaccine mandates, stating the more folks are vaccinated, the sooner we can beat COVID. 

However, this has been proven to be another falsehood. Currently, Vermont has the most vaccinations against COVID. However, Vermont’s 71.5% vaccination rate hasn’t stopped its COVID cases from rising to the tune of 72%. 

Vermont has maintained such a high rate of COVID, despite all the shots they’ve gotten in people’s arms. Therefore, this proves that health officials were yet again dishonest with their proclamations that the COVID vaccine is the answer to beating the pandemic. 

Now, there’s no doubt the medical establishment will come up with some way to try and spin this. They’re likely to roll out Dr. Fauci and use him as the mouthpiece to villainize unvaccinated folks further and ask Americans not to believe what is so clearly before their eyes. 

When your time is up, it’s up. From everything the nation has witnessed since the rollout of the COVID vaccine, the overarching theme is there are no guarantees either way. 

There are fully vaccinated Americans who have still lost their lives to COVID. Likewise, some unvaccinated people remain healthy and free of COVID. People can take the vaccine or not take it. 

However, it is time to put aside this narrative that the almighty COVID vaccine is the answer to this pandemic. If that were the case, Vermont wouldn’t have such high COVID rates while simultaneously leading the nation in the number of vaccinated Americans.