Grassley: FBI,DOJ Risk Credibility By Resisting Subpoena

Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) has warned that the credibility of the Department of Justice and the FBI will be further damaged if they do not comply with a subpoena requesting the production of documents related to a whistleblower’s report on alleged criminal activity involving President Joe Biden.

Grassley, along with James Comer (R-KY), the House Committee on Oversight, wrote to Attorney General Merrick Garland and FBI Director Christopher Wray, alerting them the DOJ and FBI have an unclassified federal form that describes a criminal scheme involving Biden and a foreign national, relating to the exchange of money for policy decisions.

In an interview, Grassley expressed his concerns the document’s content is so explosive that it may be classified by the administration and kept away from Congress.

The senator explained he had obtained the information from “very credible sources within the department” and expected the document would be challenging to obtain, but felt the American people deserved transparency from the FBI. Grassley emphasized the FBI and DOJ must comply with the subpoena to restore their once-trusted status with the American people.

The 89-year-old senator urged Garland and Wray to answer the subpoena and inform Congress about what they are doing with the information they received from the whistleblower. He stated that the failure to produce the records would hurt their credibility and would be detrimental to the public’s opinion of these institutions.

Grassley expressed his disappointment with the FBI and DOJ for not challenging the validity of his past allegations of political interference and other crimes. He stated that he has not received the information he needs to clear everything up, and this has severely harmed the reputation of these departments.

It remains unclear whether the DOJ and FBI will comply with the subpoena. However, the subpoena highlights the tension between Congress and federal agencies and raises concerns about their authenticity.

Grassley’s warnings and demands for transparency serve as a reminder that these government entities must remain accountable to the American people and uphold their once-trusted and respected position in society.