Governor Warns China ‘Will Control Us’ If They Control Our Food Supply

South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem (R) is warning about China purchasing farmland across the U.S., asserting that the communist country will “control us if they control what goes in our grocery stores.”

Appearing on Newsmax’s “The Record With Greta Van Susteren” on Thursday, Noem pointed out that South Dakota has laws that limit foreign purchases, and noted that other states should follow suit, citing concerns about China’s actions being part of a “long-term agenda.”

“There are limitations in state law as to how much they can buy, and I think that’s very wise and something every state should be looking at,” the governor said. “I think that, even in this discussion that we are having right now, South Dakota will be continuing to restrict the ability of foreign countries to come and buy up our land, buy into our companies.”

“We’ve had this discussion in the food processing business for quite some time,” Noem continued. “You know, a lot of our meat packers are foreign-owned; and when you get concentration, they control our food supply and part of this purchase of land is that long-term agenda that China has.”

The governor went on to say that China is “not just investing in their military.” Rather than focusing solely on their country’s fighting power, the communist country is also focusing on finding ways to control aspects of other countries’ infrastructure.

“They’re investing in our food-supply chain, and they will control us if they control what goes in our grocery stores,” Noem said.

According to reporting from The New York Post, the Chinese were the most active U.S. real estate buyers among foreigners in 2021, as they spent approximately $6.1 billion purchasing homes, which were located mostly in California and Florida.

New reports show that while it is relatively simple for China to purchase land and property within the United States, the process to purchase real estate in China as a foreigner is much more difficult.

Noem asserted that she has been warning about this issue for a long time now.

“I’ve been warning about our food, where it grows and how many people control it, as a national security issue for over 15 years. But we’re getting to a point now where I think the rest of America is waking up to that danger,” the governor said.