Governor: ‘I Would Fire’ Janet Yellen for Misleading America

In an interview on CNN’s “State of the Union” on Sunday, New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu (R) said the first step to fixing the economy is to fire Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen.

While warning that a recession is coming and that it will be “ugly,” the governor gave some advice for the Biden administration to help steady the economy as skyrocketing inflation and record-high gas prices have left the American people struggling to make ends meet.

“First I would fire the treasury secretary,” Sununu said.

“I think [Janet Yellen] completely misled America because she didn’t want to … own the bad news,” the governor continued. “That’s part of public service. You have to own the good with the bad. You have to ease folks into it and create a glide path.”

Sununu went on to say that “the more this administration tells people a recession isn’t inevitable, of course it is.”

“Gas prices might come down a little bit, and that’s wonderful,” he added. “Home heating oil prices are still going to be at record rates this winter. Having people in their homes, an elderly couple, folks on fixed incomes to heat their homes this winter, that fuel crisis has yet to rear its ugly head.”

According to Sununu, the Biden administration can’t keep running from the truth forever. “Reality is coming,” he said, noting that it “will come to bear at the toughest times.”

“We have high energy prices now,” Sununu said, adding, “It’s not going away any time soon.”

The governor went on to discuss the subject of abortion, as his position has been the subject of controversy among his party. Many conservatives have referred to Sununu as a RINO, or “Republican in Name Only,” for his support for abortion access in his state, and have stated that he is betraying his voter base.

During the interview, the governor said that he has no plans to change abortion laws in New Hampshire, which allow the procedure up to 24 weeks of pregnancy, well beyond where most red states have drawn the line for their abortion restrictions.

“We’re not changing anything. The access that women had to abortion today is the same as it was two months ago,” Sununu said, adding: “We’re going to keep it accessible, available, and make sure folks have that choice.”

The governor also discussed the issue of “red flag” gun control legislation, warning that these laws are not the answer to mass shootings or the rise in gun violence.

“The red flag law that came to New Hampshire… was opposed by the coalition against domestic and sexual violence,” Sununu said. “That would have created loopholes for boyfriends and whatnot, prevented women from carrying a firearm to protect themselves from dangerous other individuals.”

“Red flag laws aren’t the end-all, be-all,” he continued. “There were red flag laws that failed. The fact that we’ll sign a law and call it a day and move on to the next thing when you’re talking about gun violence, you have to have a much more encompassing approach.”