Gordon Chang Explains the Possibility of China Taking Taiwan

President Joe Biden’s decisions have had a ripple effect that doesn’t give any predictions of the future. In previous presidencies, the net moves were at least partly predictable. But the far-reaching unintended consequences of the extremist policies pushed by the Biden administration are difficult to map out.

According to some experts, the withdrawal from Afghanistan has led to the invasion of Ukraine, and will likely lead to an invasion into Taiwan.

Gordon Chang, author of “The Coming Collapse of China”, told NewsMax, “Beijing is going to use this crisis [in Ukraine] as an opportunity to further pressure Taiwan.” Chang added that China had sent “13 planes that went through Taiwan’s air defense identification zone.”

That’s not exactly a new occurrence. Toward the middle and end of 2021, China was already invading Taiwan’s airspace.

Chang also said that “just a couple of days ago, [China] warned of the ‘worst consequences’… should countries come to Taiwan’s aid. That’s a real indication that Xi Jinping is using the Ukraine crisis to go after Taiwan.”

Why wouldn’t they feel like they could do it? There’s been a lack of leadership and strength in the U.S. since January 20, 2021.

Given that China in support of the invasion in Ukraine, it’s easy to predict that escalations in Taiwan are very likely.

Ned Price, the same spokesman that claimed his word as evidence, said there are “concerns about the PRC’s support to Russia in the wake of the invasion, and the implications that any such support would have.”

Chang has been a large advocate for bringing jobs back to America and holding the Chinese government to task for their human rights abuses. Biden doesn’t seem to care about those things and pushes for green energy that would have to come from China because he doesn’t want to allow more oil production.

Why? Because Biden wants to claim that he reduced carbon emissions. It’s not about prices or the effects on the economy; it’s about the “climate crisis” and Biden’s push for green energy that the country simply isn’t ready for.

China sees an opportunity to expand its influence and power, and they are capitalizing on it. Would it have happened under former President Donald Trump? Probably not. If China invades, it’s because this administration has shown that they would succeed in taking Taiwan.