GOP Takes A Stand Against Anti-Republican Bias

For quite some time, anti-Republican bias has been a problem in various parts of American life.

One prime example is via big tech on different social media platforms. Conservatives are routinely shadowbanned, censored, and even de-platformed for sharing their views. Meanwhile, left-wing progressives can say just about whatever they want, even when it violates the terms social media companies claim to hold themselves to.

Anti-Republican bias is a real problem. It foments division, leading to unequal treatment and additional issues. For this prejudice to end, someone needs to take a stance. Thankfully, this is what the Republican National Committee is doing, as reported by The Federalist.

On Thursday, the GOP National Committee announced its decision to no longer mandate that Republican candidates partake in debates hosted by the Commission on Presidential Debates.

The Republican National Committee wrote that the Commission on Presidential Debates is guilty of partisan bias that they refuse to address or fix. Therefore, the GOP says that until these issues have been taken care of, Republicans aren’t going to participate in the debates this body hosts.

Some issues brought up by the Republican National Committee include moderators with conflicts of interest, term limits for members of the CPD board, etc. Thus far, the Commission on Presidential Debates, a body that brands itself as “nonpartisan,” hasn’t shown any interest in considering the aforementioned changes.

Concerns from the GOP are not unfounded. The Commission on Presidential Debates generated controversy for overtly treating Democrat candidates differently than they treat Republican candidates.

For instance, Democrat candidates during debates are often given leeway to interrupt Republicans. Meanwhile, the Commission on Presidential Debates also remains guilty of painting Republican candidates in a negative light.

Barring fundamental changes on the Commission on Presidential Debates, Americans can anticipate the 2024 presidential election looking much different from previous presidential races.

Anti-Republican bias is something that’s never going to end unless Republicans continue to stand up to it. For an organization that claims to be “nonpartisan,” the Commission on Presidential Debates certainly hasn’t lived up to this label.

Not only must anti-Republican bias be rooted out of the Commission on Presidential Debates, but it must furthermore be eliminated from social media sites and other outlets. The writing is clearly on the wall, and it’s now time for action.