GOP Senate Candidate Claims Pro-Life Position But Says Otherwise

Tiffany Smiley, a Republican candidate for U.S. Senate from Washington state, claims in her advertising to be pro-life. However, she asserted in a Sunday interview that she supports abortion up to fetal viability.

Appearing on CNN’s “State of the Union,” Smiley said she supports a Washington law that protects abortion availability up until the fetus is viable. This despite her claims to be pro-life.

The candidate said she respects her state’s voters and that they decided decades ago where they stand on the issue. The law was passed in Washington in 1991, and Smiley’s stand comes despite the Supreme Court’s ruling earlier this year handing the abortion question to the states.

The Washington law reads: “The state may not deny or interfere with a pregnant individual’s right to choose to have an abortion prior to viability of the fetus, or to protect the pregnant individual’s life or health.”

CNN’s Dana Bash asked Smiley if she supports her state’s pro-abortion statute, and the Republican candidate answered, “I do.”

She said her opponent, Democrat Patty Murray, spent millions to paint her as an “extremist.” Supporting abortion until fetal viability, in this case, is being used as an argument against having an extremist position.

Her campaign ads attempt to walk both sides of the issue. They proclaim her to be pro-life, but in one video she declares that she is against a federal abortion ban.

Acknowledging her profession as an OBGYN triage nurse, Smiley clearly claimed to be pro-life but opposed a federal abortion ban.

She further said that pregnancy should not be treated as a disease that prevents a woman from getting a job or a promotion. She concludes that she will fight for “contraception, health care, (and) child care.”

The Senate is currently divided between 50 Democrats and 50 Republicans, so a net gain of one seat gives either party control of the body. Murray, the incumbent, has served in the Senate for nearly three decades.

It is grossly dishonest to claim to be pro-life and support abortion up until fetal viability. At a time when the unborn are most vulnerable, they are in need of the most protection. Smiley is trying to walk a line that is indefensible.