GOP Lawmakers Outraged Over HHS Effort To Arrange Abortions For Migrant Girls

Republicans have long accused Democrats of embracing extreme positions on abortion and immigration, but a growing number of GOP lawmakers claim that the two issues are converging in an illegal scheme.

Since the U.S. Supreme Court handed down its ruling that put individual states in control of their own abortion laws, the Department of Health and Human Services has reportedly been deliberate in its effort to relocate unaccompanied pregnant minors to states where abortion is widely permitted.

A group of Republican legislators laid out the details of the alleged scheme in a recent letter, which stated: “We are astounded that we have to explain the horror of driving a pregnant minor, whose unborn child is well past the point of viability, to a state where a provider will perform an elective late-term abortion.”

The lawmakers went on to determine that such relocations are “not a legal use of taxpayer dollars.”

Sen. James Lankford (R-OK) spearheaded the effort to shed light on the troubling policy, which he said includes the availability of abortion drugs within HHS facilities.

Aside from being “a complete dereliction of the duty to ensure the safety of children,” the letter went on to allege that the practice violates the so-called Hyde Amendment, which prohibits the use of taxpayer money to fund abortions.

In response to the letter, the lawmakers requested a detailed account of how many abortions — both surgical and chemical — the agency has arranged for undocumented migrants. Earlier this year, the Washington Times sought information regarding the number of pregnant teens in HHS custody who had sought abortions.

At that time, the agency provided no such details, asserting that it would continue “monitoring any impact the Supreme Court decision may have” on the way it handled those cases.

With a steadily increasing number of migrants illegally crossing the nation’s southern border, the Republicans who signed the letter are clearly concerned about the wide-ranging impact of the HHS policy on unaccompanied minors.

“It is deeply concerning that in a time of such uncertainty and fear, they are entrusted to an agency that prioritizes its pro-abortion agenda over the health and safety of the children in its custody,” they wrote.

Last month, Sen. Roger Wicker (R-MS) expressed his support for the No Taxpayer Funds for Illegal Alien Abortions Act, which sought to prevent HHS officials from relocating any migrants from one state to another in an effort to obtain an abortion.

“Abortion is wrong, and American taxpayers should never have to pay for it, whether for citizens or illegal immigrants,” he said. “I am proud to stand with my fellow pro-life legislators to protect the sanctity of all human life.”