Giant Bust of Fentanyl-Laced Pills Made

The distribution and trafficking of drugs within and into the United States continues to pose a very real threat. Many people lose their lives to drugs or see their lives turned upside down by addiction.

The very real danger posed by drugs is a primary reason why Republicans continue to press the Biden administration on fixing the southern border. It’s been documented that due to the lack of current border security, drugs are coming across the border and placing Americans at risk.

Meanwhile, the extent of this risk remains unknown to many people who don’t have an upfront look at drugs and the rate at which they’re pouring into the country.

However, one recent drug bust in California speaks volumes about the problem.

A Stunning Confiscation By the DEA
In Inglewood, California, the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) discovered and impounded one million phony pills contaminated with fentanyl. As it turns out, these pills are tied to the Sinaloa cartel in Mexico.

The DEA’s confiscation comes after months of investigating the Sinaloa cartel and ultimately obtaining and carrying out a federal search warrant just earlier this month.

The one million pills are worth anywhere from $15 million to $20 million, marking the largest DEA fentanyl bust ever made in California.

If things had worked out as the Sinaloa cartel intended, the phony pills would have eventually been distributed to various drug dealers, who would then resell them for a profit. A batch of this magnitude has the power to take countless lives.

A Public Health Crisis
The DEA has been very clear about the public health crisis posed by fentanyl in the United States.

According to the agency, many young people are taking pills without knowing they’re contaminated with fentanyl. In the worst-case scenarios, this has led to people largely in their teens and 20s losing their lives unexpectedly.

Additional information from the DEA warns that fentanyl-laced pills are marketed in a way that makes them seem fun and harmless until it’s too late.

In the wake of this recent California drug bust, Republicans are pointing out how the current state of the southern border is empowering the cartels while leaving everyday Americans’ lives in danger.